Open Source Integrated Observing System Software


Purpose: A central repository of reuable code which can be used for geospatial observing systems merging data collection, management and products solutions with ocean observing systems (OOS).

Categories of code that may be placed at this project.

Area for php code.

Update August 22, 2005:
Some community links: Also a code repository for Seacoos solutions is available at

And a draft documentation/cookbook on the Seacoos MapServer GIS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS database efforts are at:


A beginning effort has been made to provide a shared online sourceforge cvs for the Meta-Door metadata web application system. The application has been developed using Java/Struts/Hibernate running against a PostgreSQL relational database(although the SQL code should be non-database specific). The underlying table schemas could also be used for development towards other non-Java specific interfaces(php,etc) or a variety of xml schema exports.

The home page for the Meta-Door project is at the following link

With developer notes listed at

and a online viewable CVS at